Layered Grammar of Graphics in R
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There are ggplot features that I use often enough to know they exist but not often enough to remember in detail. Lately I’ve started moving examples of these features to the menu bar. I use the Mac utility called ClipMenu, which I first started using as a clipboard manager, but now I’m using the snippets feature for this.

This screen shot shows two ggplot snippets. The first one contains the code “+ opts(axis.text.x=theme_text(angle=90, hjust=0)).” To insert it in an R document, I click the clipmenu icon on the menu bar, highlight “ggplot” and click on “rotate axis text.”

I’m sure there are numerous other ways this type of strategy could be implemented; Quicksilver’s Shelf feature comes to mind. A web search suggests TextExpander might suffice in Windows; this page lists some more options.

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